written requirement

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The court held that the Form 4868 was enough to satisfy the written requirement and that the informal claim was therefore valid.
In 1893, the Sale of Goods Act (8) (SOGA) removed the written requirement from s.
A clearly written requirement is the key to meeting customers' performance needs.
Under his leadership, FIFA has made racial equality and fighting "racism in any form" a written requirement for everyone in football and it stiffened punishments for players who racially insult.
The 48-Hour written requirement is for a G0S sight test not a PEARS appointment.
He added: "We can understand that where, for example, a written requirement is made and apparently ignored, it may be appropriate for a personal requirement to be made of police officers.
Town Counsel Stephen Madaus said he has reviewed all of the documents and plans for the project and told selectmen there is no written requirement for the developer to pave the road.
The written requirement may be met by the lawyer memorializing an oral consent in writing sent to the client.
The safety kit contains the written requirement of the act, emergency phone numbers, a poster, and addresses for first aid kits and where to get proper training.
Circumstances which play a part in a court's finding of waiver of the written requirement include the following:
To illustrate the need for a written requirement, take the case of a hospital which bids its professional liability program, only to renew claims-made coverage without a late reporting provision and no change in the retroactive date of the renewal policy.
Defense budgets are shifting and the circumstances demand that industry anticipate what our warfighters need rather than wait for a written requirement," said Archie Massicotte, president, Navistar Defense.