wrong statement

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He said his client had attached his intermediate degree with nomination papers and therefore, he couldn't be accused of giving a wrong statement about his graduation.
Prior also, he gave such kind of a wrong statement during the Gujarat election campaign and we have suffered a lot because of that.
As Dave sought to show holes in the report submitted by Maharashtra government, senior counsel Mukul Rohatgi objected to some of the submissions, saying:"Let us not make a wrong statement.
I hope this will help to erase the wrong statement credited to you at your party, the PDP Convention at the Eagle Square last weekend that you handed to President Buhari a robustly healthy economy.
Justice Ejaz ul Ahsan remarked giving wrong statement by the candidate is giving wrong statement by him to his voters.
Summary: Such omission or wrong statement should be on account of an inadvertent error or a bona fide mistake on the part of a tax payer
In fact, we have contributed to the US immensely in war against terrorism and, his claim of US$33 billion aid to Pakistan, is a wrong statement.
Why a wrong statement was made by Anand Sharma completely denying that no such meeting took place," he questioned.
Because the wrong statement at the wrong time could send the whole process back to square one -- something that would be detrimental not only to the five countries directly involved, but to the region in general.
Basically, we're one wrong statement away from become Gotham's richest persona non grata.
The reference added that Imran Khan made a wrong statement.
I have seen managers come and go, and for him to say Tony Mowbray is the worst manager City has ever had is a wrong statement.