wrong statement

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I demand of PM to offer apology to nation for not fulfilling his promise and making wrong statement besides informing the nation the real causes, he said this while talking to the journalists here Tuesday.
Shahryar said: "I feel it was a very wrong statement and we will take this matter up with the ICC formally and will protest.
Janata Dal (United) leader Ali Anwar said, "This is very inappropriate and wrong statement.
A BARRISTER and part-time judge embroiled in former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne's speeding points scandal deliberately gave the wrong statement to an expert to back up her claims, a court has heard.
To allow a wrong statement to appear on their website is ridiculous.
What an insensitive, crass, ignorant, wrong statement this is.
First of all, this is a wrong statement in and of itself.
We do not understand why KHDA has issued a wrong statement.
But to bankrupt Iran through this process is a wrong statement.
Ironically, the offer of steel bridges has ultimately come from a nation whose leader was being lashed non-stop by our opposition parties through the ever-ready print and electronic media for making a wrong statement at a wrong place.
Regarding periventricular nodular heterotopias, identify the one wrong statement.