wrong verdict

See: injustice
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A SEX offender has escaped a three-year jail term after a jury foreman mistakenly returned the wrong verdict.
Jurors are fearful of returning the wrong verdict but the law already allows for qualms by stating a case should be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
However bar association will continue to hold the judges accountable if they pronounce any wrong verdict, she held.
So, to anyone who read between Wee Eck's lines and came up with the wrong verdict - well you ken noo
61) who overturns a wrong verdict or intuits the truth rather than getting the facts or finding out the truth by following rules and procedures of an adversarial rule of law system.
N-DUBZ drummer Aaron Fagan was convicted of groping two female fans yesterday - and blamed the "white jury" for a wrong verdict.
Former High Court judge Feargus Flood said gangland thugs have walked free from court because juries came to the wrong verdict.
But I console myself with the fact I was alive to see those wrong verdicts struck off.
Yemeni judges should not be immune from punishment if they issue wrong verdicts," he said.
Speaking to FNA in Cairo, Judge al-Sayed said that the totally wrong verdicts issued by Egyptian courts on former regime officials have prepared the ground for all national forces to unite with each other once again and resume their peaceful revolution against Mubarak's tyrannical regime, "since practically speaking, Mubarak's regime is still in power in Egypt and has not been overthrown".