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WRONG-DOER. One who commits an injury, a tort-feasor. (q.v.) Vide Dane's Abridgment, Index, h.t.

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Forgiveness is not about the wrong-doer, it is about the "victim".
The amount of punitive damages are supposed to be large enough to make a wrong-doer change behavior.
No parent likes to think that their child is or will be a wrong-doer, even when that child is misled and sails into the wrong, misguided company.
Yes, jails are there to punish the wrong-doer and protect the innocent.
The statement underscored firmly that the authorities have instructed the proper legal organs to bring to account any wrong-doer who took part in last night's burning down of the campaign rally headquarters.
And the third is that a citizen is improperly flagged as a wrong-doer.
The sentence imposed by the court should have a deterrent effect on the wrong-doer," he added.
No guilty (person) or wrong-doer will be spared," Mukherjee said.
It is very strange that someone who has identified a wrong-doer, and probably saved further patients from harm, should not be celebrated and protected.
At least five times in the study, the police force punishing a wrong-doer by destroying her egg included a worker who later laid an egg herself.
At the time, we were advised there was no duty to report initiation of the investigation and, in fact, non-disclosure was preferable since an announcement serves as an alert to a wrong-doer.
Another American wrong-doer with a Welsh connection is gangster Llewelyn Humphreys or Murray the Hump, one of Al Capone's right-hand men.