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Take this into consideration, friends of the Jury, and you will readily decide that the kitten is wrongfully accused and should be set at liberty.
It has been wrongfully accused of inelegance; when wading about in shallow water, which is its favourite resort, its gait is far from awkward.
O Lord, sir," said Partridge, "I desire only to be heard out; and to be sure, never was anything so unfortunate: hear me but out, and you will own how wrongfully you have accused me.
His revolutionary career, sustained by the sentiment and trustfulness of many women, was menaced by an impenetrable mystery - the mystery of a human brain pulsating wrongfully to the rhythm of journalistic phrases.
That he knew of the death of your son, I confess, for he pointed out the brake in which the body lay, but that he has wrongfully taken his life, nothing but his own acknowledgment shall persuade me to believe.
The documents I refer to were not his own, were wrongfully obtained, might at some time or other be troublesome to an innocent person to have in keeping, and are sought by the people to whom they really belong.
Although at another time Mr Swiveller might have looked upon this as a doubtful compliment, he felt it, under the then- existing circumstances, a great relief to be assured that he was not wrongfully suspected.
Case Funding Firm says wrongfully convicted murder defendants spent 16 years behind bars for a murder they did not commit, but have now regained their freedom along with a $9MM wrongful imprisonment settlement value for their loss of liberty.
At its Eighth Annual Benefit, the Innocence Project honored Davis Polk for the firm s dedication to pro bono service on behalf of wrongfully convicted individuals.
com/projects/606863/emal/5586275) provides a voice for children wrongfully taken from nurturing parents.
Summary: A 30-year-old man stood in the dock charged with smuggling into the country 60 fake seals stating the passing of iris-scan which are wrongfully attributed to the police of both the Abu Dhabi and Sharjah airports.
Summary: A wrongfully convicted New Yorker who served more than two decades behind bars had a .