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Furthermore, it is not clear that people, as an empirical matter, generally do believe that their own views of the wrongness of an act preclude its rightness for others in their context and on their terms.
Jennings usefully undercuts this rigid notion of a rightness and wrongness in manners.
The problem with offensive conduct and trivial harms is that there is no deep or constant (intersubjectively shared) agreement about the badness or wrongness of such acts.
And far from being a mark of indifference or intolerance, wrongness is a vital part of how we learn and how we change.
The guilt of those sentenced to die does not diminish the wrongness of the death penalty.
Perhaps his choice to call the text of the speeches rhetoric rather than discourse reflects a desire to stay away from the rightness or wrongness of the framing.
He also spoke touchingly in that speech of the power of poetry to express human "rightness in spite of the evidence of wrongness all around it".
The remaining days of my life are being lived under the shadow of the wrongness of my conviction.
Rightness" in the above can be taken as standing in for all deontic statuses (that is, for example, wrongness is also to be treated in terms of the virtues or perhaps the vices); similarly, "goodness" can be taken as standing in for badness, and other such axiological statuses.
David is unable to see the wrongness of his actions until the prophet Nathan tells him the story of a heartless rich man who sins against a poor man.
We were cheated by the authorities, while I saw the wrongness in what they had done (in the sensational indictment),'' said the former Nikkei business daily reporter who covered the relationship between the media and authorities.
But forget that and revel in every moment of sequinned wrongness.