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I shall try not to be vexed when people interrupt me when I'm telling stories," wrote the Story Girl.
I shall try to be cheerful and smiling all the time," wrote Cecily.
I shall not talk gossip," wrote Sara Ray with a satisfied air.
I'll try not to use slang since Cecily doesn't like it," wrote Dan.
I will try," wrote Peter, "to say my prayers every night regular, and not twice one night because I don't expect to have time the next,--like I did the night before the party," he added.
I shall learn to cook," wrote the Story Girl, frowning.
I will not cry because mother won't starch my aprons," wrote Sara Ray.
I will keep my finger-nails neat and clean," I wrote.
I shall always think twice before I speak," wrote Felix.
I will have all the good times I can," wrote the Story Girl.
I shall try to like reading the Bible," wrote Sara Ray.
I'll try to obey mother ALWAYS," wrote Sara Ray, with a tremendous sigh, as if she fully realized the difficulty of keeping such a resolution.