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I wrote a picture book called Baby Bobby, and I wrote on the back page: "Baby Bobby is a book about a babby [sic].
The two Swedish contributions are Britt Liljewall's article on Swedish peasants in the nineteenth century who wrote autobiographies (210-38), and Janken Myrdal's article on a diary kept by a Swedish farmer's son who went to university, became a poet and received the Nobel Prize of literature in 1931 (239-51).
No thought exists without a sustaining support," Bochner wrote in 1969 as an epigraph to a preparatory sketch for his inscribed wall drawing Theory of Boundaries, 1969-70, which posits the inseparability of any inference about the coordinates of space from its real or thinkable visualization (the "support," a pun on the conventional role of the canvas) or its symbolic relationship to the world through language.
Nuns engaged in convent history wrote to inform the members of the community of their house's unique past and to extol the virtues of its earlier residents.
When I wrote The Woman Warrior and China Men, my parents were still alive, and they were both illegal aliens, but I wanted to tell the story of their immigration.
He wrote about the most horrible thing he could think of: being forced to hurt one parent to protect the other.
Writing in alphabetic Greece is in the hands of men different from those who wrote in the Greek Bronze Age.
The much-loved regional American writer Eudora Welty, who died the day after the DCA conference closed, wrote in One Writer's Beginnings (1984): "I cannot remember a time when I was not in love with [books]--with the books themselves, cover and binding and the paper they were printed on, with their smell and their weight and with their possession in my arms.
Goldberg looks back, "I wrote the love scene between Nell and Anna in Banana Rose when I first had been with women.
The teacher wrote the children's responses on small pieces of paper and gave the slips of paper to them as references.
William Faulkner (who wrote the screenplays for "To Have and Have Not" and "The Big Sleep"), wrote "The Sound and the Fury" in 1929, when color and sound were still movie novelties.
For example, "The manager wrote the report" is active, and "The report was written by the manager" is passive.