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While she was employed at the $22 million GPVFCU from February 2008 to November 2011 as an operations manager, Yawn had access to the cooperative's computer system, which enabled her to make changes to the accounting books.
Autism and schizophrenia sufferers are reportedly less able to catch yawns, researchers said, so understanding the genes that might code for contagious yawning could illuminate new pathways for treatment.
In 2013, Medical News Today reported on a study in dogs, which suggested that the contagious yawns dogs get from their owners are a result of empathy rather than stress.
gov/pubmed/3120687) experiments in the 1980s showed that neither breathing 100 percent oxygen nor breathing air with higher concentrations of carbon dioxide caused subjects to yawn more.
The new study, using high resolution ultrasound footage, confirms that they really do yawn, and do it often.
Perhaps whatever had caused tortoise A to yawn in the first place had also bored tortoise B enough to make it yawn too.
Older people yawn less than younger people mainly in the morning and mid-afternoon.
Dogs that watch a person yawn repeatedly yawn themselves, says Atsushi Senju, Ph.
Monika Smith (trans) The Big Yawn Gecko Press, 2009 32pp NZ$18.
This theory would explain why tired individuals yawn, since exhaustion has been shown to increase the temperature of the brain.
That's the message to drivers, who should regard a yawn as the first sign that they are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel.
IF you see another person yawn it is more than likely you will do so as well.