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When their foes, who had leaped over the black rocks that divided them, with long bounds, uttering the wildest yells, were within a few rods, the rifle of Hawkeye slowly rose among the shrubs, and poured out its fatal contents.
They had encamped one night on the banks of a small stream, which came down from the Wind River Mountains, when about midnight, a band of Indians burst upon their camp, with horrible yells and whoops, and a discharge of guns and arrows.
But it was not a shout of execration--not a yell of exultant cruelty.
Their attention was instantly distracted by whoops and yells in an opposite direction.
There was a signal and then a wild chorus of yells.
Sometimes, even now, in my old age, I have bad dreams in which I hear that mate yell, Yah
They recovered first, and from a thousand throats the wild Irish yell went up.
It was a dull yell, more difficult to seize than a whisper.
It was carried on it yells, which showed that the people engaged in it were not close together.
The emotional appeal of those yells grew upon me steadily, grew at last to such an exquisite expression of suffering that I could stand it in that confined room no longer.
They were waked out of their bunks one black night by yells of "Squid O
As Mowgli told Kaa, he had many little thorns under his tongue, and slowly and deliberately he drove the dholes from silence to growls, from growls to yells, and from yells to hoarse slavery ravings.