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Dad got an Old Yeller looking puppy that he named Keggar because he slept in a wooden nail keg the first few weeks on the farm.
His faithful "Old Yeller," a 1980 yellow Volvo wagon with more than 500,000 miles, has transported him all over Colorado as he has captured his amazing photos over the past 30 plus years.
The 1957 Disney film Old Yeller was second while Terms Of Endearment, starring Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine, came in third with 14% of the vote.
I don't think you have to be vocal in terms of being a yeller or a screamer.
And, although most of the books read had dog-related stories, she said readers stayed away from anything too heavy (nothing like "Old Yeller," "The Call of the Wild" "The Hound of the Baskervilles" or "Cujo"), as well as newspapers, which dogs sometimes know for another use.
1 YELLER OR A LINK (Eurovision score giver) 2 BE SULLEN ROOKY (Miss Moody sings with Dad) 3 A KNEEL SLY (Top cyclist) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV show or musical number do these initials stand for?
Adapted for the screen by Scott Frank and Don Roos from John Grogan's celebrated memoir, Marley & Me is a modern-day Old Yeller, which collars decent laughs with uproarious interludes as the four-legged central character runs amok in sunny Florida.
Audiences should cram every available pocket with handkerchiefs because Frankel's film is a modern-day Old Yeller, following the relationship between man and his best friend to its natural conclusion.
Immediately, the boys find love, adventure, and pleasure as they teach their new friend a few tricks while roaming the countryside with Old Yeller.
CANINES like the eternally youthful Lassie and plucky mongrel Old Yeller have accomplished remarkable feats of cinematic bravery over the years, so it was almost inevitable that man's best friend would don a cape a la Superman and save mankind from gnarly tricksters and thieves.
Chris Matthews, for example, was starting to look like Old Yeller right before they put him down.
YELLER PERIL: Michael McGlinchey and Ryan Conroy say Archie Gemmill motivates them and they accept being shouted at