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Diagnosis: A large-sized species of the Palpomyia tibialis group distinguished by the following combination of characters: females with dark brown legs except fore trochanter, basal 1/2 of fore femur, basal 2/3 of mid femur, fore and mid tibiae except extreme tip, yellowish brown; fore femur with four to five, mid femur with two ventral spines; abdomen lacking gland rods.
Through a process much like the collection of plasma - the yellowish fluid portion of the blood - NeoStem extracts stem cells from adults and then stores them indefinitely.
The Corrie actor staggered to his hotel bathroom in the morning to find the water in the tub was a strange yellowish colour.
Nasal endoscopy confirmed the saddle-nose deformity and the subtotal perforation of the nasal septum, and it detected an almost complete obstruction of the nasal cavities by large fetid, yellowish and brownish crusts (figure, A).
Smoking also causes yellowish fingertips and nails.
The resins' clarity avoids the milky-white or yellowish cast of latex tubing.
The new coins are almost the same size, weight and design as the current 500 yen silver-colored coins, but have a slightly yellowish hue.
The earthquake came just hours after a volcanic eruption when Mount Oyama on Miyakejima, just south of Kozushima, coughed up a large boulders and a cloud of yellowish ash.
I have developed yellowish lumps in the skin under my eyes, which a friend says can be a sign of heart disease.
Calluses (normal, hard, thickened, slightly yellowish or brownish) can tear like paper, especially if you are dancing on floors that have become heavily rosined from pointe dancing.
A ripe cantaloupe has a yellowish rind, a pleasant cantaloupe odor when held to the' nose; and will yield slightly to light thumb pressure on the blossom (nonstem) end.