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They are small finches, similar to Linnet but with a yellowy bill and orange throat.
There is noise from about 6am most days and at weekends, and a yellowy powdery dust which gets everywhere.
Casa de Familia itself is a quietly restrained Mediterranean Revival in yellowy gold, two stories, with a beautifully landscaped front courtyard and a cypress-ceiling breezeway separating the main house from a spacious two-story guest suite.
Other words which have two like letters with obviously different pronunciations include JACKAL, ACETIC, EGRET, GORGE, INSIDE, JERONIMO, BASES, UNUSED, XEROX and YELLOWY.
Tooth Wizard and PlaqueMan deliver a highly entertaining program, educating children on how to get rid of what the Tooth Wizard refers to as that "icky, sticky, slimy, grimy, sort of yellowy, greeny gunk" -- in other words, plaque -- that causes cavities and damages teeth and gums.
When the juice separates, you get a water-like transparent liquid at the top and a gooey, yellowy mass at the bottom," he says.
If neutrals are more your thing, Hippy Shake, a warm, yellowy deep cream, and Taste Of Honey, a lovely classic beige team well with with Brown Bop, a mellow chocolate shade.
Sometimes, on the eve of big games, we would go to a Holiday Inn in Islington where a yellowy product was injected into our arm," The Sun quoted Merson, as saying.
For a year, we've lived with smelly, yellowy water coming out of our taps," said her daughter, adding that it took a inspection by a consultant to change matters.
Prick all over with a fork and bake for 15 minutes, until turning a little bit yellowy golden.
The wooden balustrade is overly-varnished and a bit orangey and I thought this might help but a lot of the creams are too yellowy.