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With 10 times leverage, retail investors can realize at least 50 percent annualized returns, assuming the exchange rate remains stable or the yen weakens.
lowered its operating profit estimate to 510 billion yen from 520 billion yen, while leaving its group net profit estimate unchanged at 310 billion yen and sales estimate at 3.
Toyota Motor rose 70 yen to 3,610 yen, Suzuki Motor 40 yen to 1,690 yen, and Fuji Heavy Industries 11 yen to 880 yen.
Despite the yen's gains, sentiment toward the yen continued to remain negative, with twelve-month risk reversals continuing to be skewed toward yen puts, reflecting a higher cost of protection against a sharp depreciation of the yen against the dollar.
That makes even the 120 yen forecast of Barbera, which had looked nervy, seem conservative.
They could accomplish this by purchasing a yen call/dollar put with a strike rate at the center of the range.
But if appreciation of the Japanese yen were to lead to increases in Japanese imports and reductions in its exports, then Japan might be expected to have an enormous trade deficit, given that the exchange rate was 360 yen to the U.
and other firms, said it expects to book a pretax profit of 450 billion yen and a net profit of 150 billion yen, up 20 billion yen and 10 billion yen, respectively, from the projection made last November.
Toyota's move to purchase an option to sell yen at [yen]101 to the dollar by August 2004 is evidence that Japan's exporters are moving to hedge their dollar exposure.
The dispersion of the probability distribution of the future dollar-mark exchange rate one-month hence implied by currency options prices was little changed over the quarter but became skewed toward a weaker dollar against the yen, reflecting a higher cost of protection against a sharp downward move in the dollar-yen exchange rate.
currency hit its highest level in nearly two years against the yen in Tokyo on Thursday, and traders said the dollar was likely to continue strengthening.
For example, if our NBC affiliate has a yen receivable and our appliances group has a yen payable, we'll consider an internal offset.