yield profit

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PSALM ensures that the final Ippa aas equitably represent sides of involved parties, and is certain that investors before acceptance of the Ippa [agreements] have well-thought of and considered the market risks inherent in the business and have studied business strategies that will allow them to yield profit margins.
However, Manchester City are just one of eight clubs comprising the City Football Group and the annual report went on to mention how the business structure allows players to develop and yield profit.
This high-yield investment plan includes feedstock packages used to produce Oud oil and can yield profit from 20% annually, the company states.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayyebnia announced that his ministry will prioritize financing those projects which will yield profit in the short term.
Befondit will be a crowdfunding utility that will aid local entrepreneurs, musicians, and project founders to raise funds for their projects and yield profit for those who funded their projects.
The large-scale Elga project might start to produce coking coal concentrate and thus yield profit already this summer.
John Calvin reflecting on this passage reminds us that "though God is not enriched, and makes no gain by our labours, yet when everyone is highly profitable to his brethren, and applies advantageously for their salvation, the gifts which he has received from God, he is said to yield profit or gain, to God Himself.
A repeat would yield profit today and he should go well again.
Their approach is that the societal values and beliefs will emerge from market opportunities that are seen to yield profit.
Shanks said that the need for exiting was due to "sub-scale" business unable to yield profit.
He reiterated that we have realized to government to yield profit from these white elephants, government must ensure the appointment of eligible and professional dignitaries.
Macklowe countered by saying that the Verizon building is more similar to ground-up construction because of the extensive work that will be needed to revamp nearly the entire building and that its huge rents therefore do not indicate that other acquisitions will have to achieve comparable soaring fundamentals in order to yield profit.