yield results

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In statements on the sidelines of official celebrations on the occasion of the Epiphany Day, that took place on Wednesday in Ayia Napa, the President wished that efforts for a Cyprus solution yield results in 2016 so that Cyprus will be liberated and there will be no occupation army.
Reviving the economy, reviving investor sentiments, might appear slow, if we don't take our eyes off the ball, it will yield results.
But our decision to have a renewable obligation on the companies has been one that is yielding results and will continue to yield results in the future.
While standard compression-set tests of Septon V9000 yield results equivalent to standard olefinic TPVs, long-term (1000-hr) compression set is said to be much better for the new SBCs.
It is time for us to take our poor performance seriously, Lots of things have been done to change schools over the past two decades, but they have not led to much overall improvement, which reinforces the idea that maintaining the current structure and simply doing more of it is unlikely to yield results.
Several such tests, which yield results within one day rather than one week, are used in other countries, but only one is available in the United States.
We are one of the very few companies who have the ability to mass-produce 8-inch PLCs and our yield results indicate that we have a very robust and repeatable process.
They are recruiting 60 volunteers for a study expected to yield results in a year.
Cyprus was on the brink of bankruptcy early in April this year, Finance Minister Harris Georgiades told parliament on Thursday, but the danger has now passed and a challenging austerity plan imposed by international lenders was starting to yield results.
In any event, should the experiment yield results different from those predicted by general relativity, the scientific community would almost certainly not accept them unless a repeat mission confirmed them.