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However, the long and the short of it is, that he has asked my permission to make you an offer of marriage--of marriage, you know," said Mr.
If there is anything in my story which you know to be either false or improbable, stop me.
Yes--that father's gone to Heaven to be with mother and the rest of us, you know.
You know we have sometimes laughed at him for putting in at every word: 'Dolly's a marvelous woman.
You know the truth of this, as you know everything, far far better than I; but I cannot help telling you what a nature she shows, and that you can never think too well of her.
But," asked the visitor, "do you know why he came to France?
But when I tell you I'm going away for years--when you know what that means for me, how it cuts off every plan of happiness I've ever formed--it is impossible for a sensible man like you to believe that there is any real ground for the Poysers refusing to remain.
I don't, indeed, know the very name; for, as he never told me, if I had asked, you know, it might have put some suspicion into his head.
Come, you know nothing about HER," said Rogojin, impatiently.
I love you all, like children of my own, as you know.
I can't do it, you know, for I never have any money.
Do you know, Billy, sometimes I dream I actually own a horse, all my own.