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But you wouldn't catch Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard wanting any more than a brief encounter at Cardiff Central.
The cramped pounds 6,295 two-seater that you wouldn't catch me in - I can't bring myself to call it a car - is reckoned to be Britain's most economical vehicle with a 14p a mile cost and three years or 60,000 miles servicing.
But you wouldn't catch them playing talk-show host to a carnival of stupid rumors, either.
YOU wouldn't catch Simon Cowell standing for this load of old nonsense.
You wouldn't catch me playing it, of course, but they might get a few of those 'blokes' having a go.
I mean, think about it - you wouldn't catch your average male sheep shuffling across the field to whisper in the ear of some female other than his own "My sheep doesn't understand me" or "I'm only staying with her because of the lambs.
You wouldn't catch Harry marrying someone so feistless (opposite of feisty, obv.
You wouldn't catch fellow divas Mariah Carey or J- Lo doing that, they'd have assistants running alongside to turn the wheels, steer and carry the coffee cup.
You wouldn't catch low-cut Kelly with anything thick and woolly.
YOU wouldn't catch Carrie Bradshaw wearing the same pair of shoes twice.
You wouldn't catch Michael Vaughan trying to stop the umpire giving a batsman out.
You wouldn't catch Gil Grissom or Horatio Caine taking off their coat and tossing it casually over a crime scene.