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The root of the problem is not about religious rites and practices; it's about deep spiritual feelings, experiences, and relationships in the young people's daily lives.
Much of what is available to young readers follows the cliche of a young person of color dealing with an identity crisis because of their race.
Young CPAs are in a great position to make a real difference in business as well as in the work of the profession.
It's a frequently voiced view, but David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young (combined age: 250) have some extra muscle in the form of five decades' worth of songs, many of which deal with the very topics they're bringing to audiences across the country in the ``Freedom of Speech '06'' trek.
Young Artist Brass: Jason Watkins, Ohio; Joe Duchi, teacher
No world leaders have ever had such an impact on young people as this leader has had.
Thus, choose from Young Peggy (1567638872) about a young porcupine who wanders off; Young Tunnel King (156763883X) telling of a gopher's perseverance, Young Amy (156-7638910) about an anteater who needs to pay attention; Young Bandit (1567638-899) about a weasel who helps others; Young Bobby (1567638813) offering a lesson on following others; Young Chrissy (1567638759) teaching the importance of obeying parents; Young White Thunder (1567638732) about leadership; Young Dawn (1567638775) on a deer's friendships; Young Sammy (1256763891) about a skunk who smells; and Young Big Jake (1567638856) about a curious baby mouse overly confident.
Dave Noble stood inside a nearby tent trying to convince a dozen young gay African-Americans that they are a powerful bloc who could make a noticeable impact in the 2004 presidential race.
DTF: 4-H really is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.
These studies have rarely made young women or questions involving gender central to their analysis.
4) This special report describes sexual and reproductive health services and how they have evolved at one of those programs-the Young Men's Clinic, an ambulatory clinic for adolescent and young adult males in New York City.
Sergeant Marcus Young is a 15-year veteran of the Ukiah, California, police department.