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He was so obliging as to leave off grinning, and inform me that a Young Person was outside wanting to see me.
Kindness and gentleness are never out of fashion; it is these in Goldsmith which make him our contemporary, and it is worth the while of any young person presently intending deathless renown to take a little thought of them.
The young person who travels to improve her mind, and fills up the gaps by reading Baedeker on the places she hasn't been to, fails altogether to interest me
This expression of generous sentiment appeared to have an irritating effect on the peremptory young person who took the lead in the room.
She is a very estimable, pious young person,' said he; 'you needn't be afraid.
She is probably a healthy, ruddy-cheeked young person who lives in the country, gets up to breakfast to pour out the coffee for some sort of a male relative, goes round the garden snipping off roses in big gloves and a huge basket, interviews the cook, orders the dinner, makes fancy waistcoats for her husband, and failing a sewing maid, does the mending for the family.
When I came out here to find you in the garden, I saw a neat young person through the kitchen window, with her work in her hand, who looked to my eyes like a lady's maid.
You have a charming young person with you to-night, count," said Eugenie.
Smallweed the younger that the two kneaded into one would hardly make a young person of average proportions, while she so happily exemplifies the before-mentioned family likeness to the monkey tribe that attired in a spangled robe and cap she might walk about the table-land on the top of a barrel- organ without exciting much remark as an unusual specimen.
Say, at my proprietor's I hear name--name of young person Mr Clennam wants to serve.
or rather are you really friendly enough with that young person to ask her to step in here for a minute?
You are a remarkably wise young person and I quite agree with you," he answered; "the fact is," he added soberly, "I accepted the trusteeship in memory of my poor little mother, whose last happy years were spent here.

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