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Without question, the best interest of the public would be served by preventing youth gang involvement, but doing so cannot be achieved through the juvenile justice system alone, according to Robert D.
The New Zealand Police estimate that there are currently approximately 73 youth gangs comprising 600 youth gang members in Counties Manukau, though accurate data on numbers are difficult to obtain.
Fifty-three percent of the responding agencies indicated their youth gang problem was "getting better" or "staying about the same" in 2004.
These ideas are only one facet of the complex saga that involves catalytic changes in a youth gang member.
Currently, more than 90 percent of the Nation's largest cities report youth gang problems, and police estimates now put the number of gangs at 28,700 and the number of gang members at approximately 780,200 (OJJDP 2000b).
Naming names of both offenders and the cities, towns and First Nations where they're active, Cote explained the meaning of gang graffiti, hand gestures and the way youth gang members are initiated into adult gangs.
Finally he discusses the decline of postwar youth gangs in the 1960s and the resurgence of a different kind of youth gang in the 1970s.
gang experts, who warned that Hawaii has "all the makings for a youth gang crisis.
For instance, some kids may become unruly as a result of an impulsive temperament, poor self-esteem, a violent home life, and little support from adults; others may turn violent through a combination of high intelligence, resourcefulness, poor parental monitoring, and acceptance into a youth gang.
Recoiling from such a "naked reality" (29), which strips him of everything he has previously valued and identified himself in terms of, Johnny reluctantly becomes part of a youth gang when his friend Billy sees him aimlessly wandering the streets and invites him to become part of "The Moochers.
I like to think we constitute an aging youth gang of incorrigible esthetes: rugged-individualist sniffers of the perfumed hanky, if you will.

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