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Only the presence of William and Harry, still looking dazed and youthfully vulnerable, defused the public anger at what was perceived as a royal snub to the young woman the House of Windsor had stripped of that HRH title.
He had won the Derby the year before, had 'snatched' the ride on Kailani in this season's Oaks and was youthfully good-looking, a bit flash and extravagantly talented.
The businessman, 26, wore a casual ensemble of jeans and a blue long-sleeve top and accessorised it with a youthfully styled backwards baseball cap.
Dark and dull attire colours are worn by all for the youthfully deceased (countrywatch.
Northern Sinfonia, Tuesday, March 6 The last of Northern Sinfonia's three Town Hall shows includes Mendelssohn's youthfully exuberant E-flat Octet, which the composer wrote at the age of 16.
Their lower-priced, more youthfully styled Leroy & Perry (leroyandperry.
With the incremental loss of youthfully dividing cells, your skin becomes thinner and tears more easily.
As a contrast to her remarkably pale skin and to further simulate a youthfully translucent complexion, Elizabeth reportedly painted artificial veins on her forehead (Brownmiller, 1984; Gunn, 1973).
Case in point: the competition's standout performer was not the youthfully exuberant Thomas Muller of Germany, or Uruguay's effervescent Diego Forlan, or even the technically gifted Spanish passmaster Xavi, but a tentacled soothsayer who had the uncanny knack of slipping into the right jar right on cue.
Brown's image was that of an approachable black boy on the block who youthfully idolized Michael Jackson and wore bow ties.
Yet the hair remains youthfully buoyant, reminiscent of a young Paul McCartney.