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considering youthfulness in mitigating punishment under the Court's
Rodong Sinmun, daily of the ruling communist party, on January 28 hailed Jong-Un s youthfulness.
The youthfulness gives him a unique factor and he comes across very well.
What come through uniquely from this work is that of hope combined with youthfulness, that the Palestinian story will surely go on and on as long as there are Palestinians to relate it.
The star, who is launching her own brand of beauty products, also put her youthfulness down to lots of hot lovin'.
Earlier, giving a talk on the Art and Science of Beauty, he said outer beauty consists of youthfulness, symmetry, health and complexion, but that these change with time.
They are an adventurous outfit but their youthfulness and inexperience could be a minus.
Summary: Mirinda, one of the best selling soft drinks from PepsiCo International, is being introduced across the GCC this month with an innovative campaign featuring a completely new look expressing the beverage's brand essence of youthfulness and fun .
The poet revels, like Whitman, in the youthfulness of spirit that has no intention of exiting from the stage of senior age.
What is fascinating about him is not as much his youthfulness as his introspectiveness.
The colorful and highly creative renovation of the lobby area included a playful use of materials that combines elements of nature and youthfulness, creating a tranquil and inviting environment for patients and visitors.