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Finding Youthfulness in Psychology and Neuroscience
But it's about using to learn that youthfulness that he's got.
I don't know or care what she's done to achieve her youthfulness but, if you're at an event where most guests are young enough to be your daughter or grand-daughter, that's the way to do it.
They matched his purple tie, underscoring the youthfulness of the candidate, who is 44 and aiming to get into a business where the median age is 60.
Bizet's Symphony in C may not have offered us anything particularly new, but Altinoglu gave its sunny youthfulness a decent coat of French polish, even if towards the end he resorted, like the music itself, to just going through well-oiled motions.
RESULTS: Homogeneity of unprocessed images correlated positively with perceived attractiveness, healthiness, and youthfulness (all r > 0.
Korea: North Korea is cranking up its official media to dismiss concern about its new leader s youthfulness, describing it as a blessing instead of a reason to doubt his credentials to rule.
Last Laughs: A Pocketful of Wry for the Aging" is a discussion of aging in today's culture which seems to revere youthfulness.
Despite my relative youthfulness, I am not naive enough to deny that we face challenges as a nation, especially in terms of sharing the fruits of prosperity and freedom.
His youthfulness contrasts sharply with Ferguson, who will celebrate his 70th birthday on New Year's Eve.
The combination of the 22-year-old's talent, youthfulness and personality possibly gives him the earning power of the world's biggest sporting superstars.
Oksana Ammar, from Almana, the exclusive agents of Mango in Qatar, said the new look store reflected the energy and youthfulness of the brand.