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The other replied, 'I do not know, certainly, where she is at present, but in three nights from now she will come to the spring to wash her face, as she does every month when the moon is full, in order that she may never grow old nor wrinkled, but may always keep the bloom of youth.
The youth immediately resolved to follow the birds to the spring, only two things made him uneasy: first, lest he might be asleep when the birds went, and secondly, lest he might lose sight of them, since he had not wings to carry him along so swiftly.
Will the youth have the sense not to let himself be caught in her toils?
The youth could not turn away his eyes from the maiden, for he had never in his life seen a woman so beautiful.
But the youth said: 'However difficult it may be, I will learn it.
The king looked at him, and as the youth pleased him, he said: 'You may ask for three things to take into the castle with you, but they must be things without life.
When night was drawing near, the youth went up and made himself a bright fire in one of the rooms, placed the cutting-board and knife beside it, and seated himself by the turning-lathe.
The youth also wanted to play and said: 'Listen you, can I join you?
This man's se- rene unconcern dealt him a measure of con- fidence, for he had known him since childhood, and from his intimate knowledge he did not see how he could be capable of anything that was beyond him, the youth.
The youth would have liked to have discov- ered another who suspected himself.
The youth could occasionally see dark shadows that moved like monsters.
When Zarathustra had said this, the youth called out with violent gestures: "Yea, Zarathustra, thou speakest the truth.