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13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Zealot Networks, a digital-first media and entertainment company, announced today the acquisition of AllScreen, a premium global video syndication company.
A key part of ITV s strategy is to exploit the increasing global demand for quality content across a range of platforms, which closely aligns with Zealot s own ambitions to not only distribute content across its own sites, but also to third-party platforms such as YouTube, Vine and Instagram.
The Zealots were not pacifists, and ultimately, it was the loosely formed Zealot political party that led the Jewish revolt against Rome in A.
BEFORE any more "crockpot theories" re: global warming are aired and the country is covered with dubious corrective measures - wind farms, etc - would some green zealot explain why, before man evolved or the motor car was invented, the world experienced numerous Ice Ages and subsequent extremely warm periods?
Since the ruling Zealot factions refused to allow any Jews to leave a besieged Jerusalem, Rabbi Yohanan faked his own demise and was successfully sneaked out of Jerusalem in a coffin carried by his disciples.
aren't] singularly crazed and incomprehensibly vicious masterminds of evil" He omits bin Laden's own words that condemn him as a crazed zealot whose view of the cause of Mideast malaise ignores reality and is warped by monotheistic fanaticism (which Buell conveniently downplays since he is addressing Humanists).
The Texas Republican, a physician who ran for President in 1988 as the Libertarian Party candidate, is a gold-standard zealot.
Jacir's project individualizes people often reduced to the stereotype of zealot or terrorist, and in our obscene moment, these reminders of Palestinian humanity will no doubt strike some as sentimental, disingenuous, or worse.
Enter Andrew Bales, the executive director of Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley and, like the company's artistic director, Dennis Nahat, a zealot for live music with dance.
Unlike earlier polemic characterizations of Pinchot as a stubborn zealot advocating a narrow form of economic forestry, Miller portrays a dynamic leader who, in the words of his wife, Cornelia, not long after his death in 1946, "insisted that conservation must be reinvigorated, revived.
S Jude was also a Zealot and after Pentecost, he too would lay down his life for Jesus, His healing and his light.
Self-described zealot though he is, even Bryant was surprised at the extent of his new responsibilities.