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Even Goodman's critics, however, have failed to identify the motive that lies behind his anti-gambling zealotry.
This is a conclusion strongly conservative in its practical view of social institutions and their importance, yet clear-mindedly liberal in its ability to view homosexuality without hysteria, exaggeration, or zealotry, but as a fact of life.
Within the decade, that same zealotry helped mold the Guard's belligerent at-sea enforcement of new vessel-safety regulations.
Defending herself against presumably numerous critics who have mocked her zealotry, Maggio writes: "But then ridicule, it is said, is the first and last argument of fools.
DAY by day it seems Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's arrogance and political zealotry got in the way of his assigned mission to collect facts about the alleged official misconduct by the president of the United States.
Similarly, the prospect of zealotry being taught in "cult" schools had little salience in the Rocky Mountain state, whereas in Oregon, which had suffered the Rajneesh commune, it did.
Liman didn't seem to understand that ideology can fuel zealotry as much as money.
Rogan and his 27th District are oppositely metamorphosing: Rogan was posing as a Republican moderate until his hard-liner zealotry was bared nationally, but back home here his constituency daily grows more Democratic.
The zealotry of both the anti-porners and thepro-sexers have made their clashes particularly bruising.
Other scholars, unhappy with the metaphysical doctrines or moral zealotry that Christianity developed, preferred to imagine that Jesus preached a simple ethical faith that Paul then distorted.
But his zealotry in fighting those he has deemed communists, socialists, liberals, or whomever the enemy happens to be at the moment, has blinded Abrams.
With his goofy Forrest Gump smile and zealotry for a flat tax, Forbes is like an insurance guy who bores you to death until you buy a policy.