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They remain divided, extreme and driven by right-wing zealotry.
This sanctification of the struggle on the Palestinian side has been matched by a less well-recognized but equally fanatical and dangerous rise in religious zealotry in Israeli society.
They spoke with great enthusiasm, actually with an intensity that bordered on zealotry.
In the context of historical examples of religious intense/extreme movements and their political impacts, he presents a case study of recent Islamic zealotry justifying terrorism, and approaches to interpreting evidence of religious intensity.
We once again express that Turkey will continue to support Pakistan in its fight against terrorism and zealotry and will continue its solidarity with the people and government of Pakistan.
The Cracking India, was published in several other countries in 1988 under the title Ice-Candy-Man in which she repeatedly condemned the dehumanizing impact that religious zealotry played in promoting mob mentality, separation, and revenge during the Partition.
Last, Koontz highlights zealotry as portrayed in the lives of River from Firefly and Caleb from Buffy.
Abu Bakr continued today, "Such a society tends toward deviation, losing its ability to reason or find solutions and instead relies on religious zealotry and the language of blood.
Moreover, self-righteousness tends toward zealotry, which, by providing a nation with motives that appear selfless, can lead in turn to the perpetration of a kind of 'redemptive' violence.
On the one hand he was at first reluctant to be drawn into the 'king v parliament' battle which preceded the Civil War, but once involved, the battle became his consuming passion, fired by his puritan zealotry.
In a time of religious zealotry and dramatic fluctuations in political fortunes, Paulet was neither zealot nor ideologue.
She might be slightly mad, all this pushing weights and weird religious zealotry, but she has worked the material she is made of and is probably the best known woman in the world.