zealous advocates

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The proliferation of RPA technology in the last two decades has far exceeded the expectations of even its most zealous advocates when the US Air Force assumed control of the mission in 1995.
As zealous advocates of the short story, we believe this is an excellent way to engage readers in the digital age and encourage them to discover unknown voices from Europe, the Middle East and beyond," said Jim Hinks of Comma Press.
It says that lawyers have twin duties of loyalty both "to be zealous advocates for their clients .
Pro-life advocates are dismissed as fascist-like Bible thumpers by zealous advocates of abortion rights.
How to make sure lawyers know enough about e-discovery to meet their professional responsibilities and be zealous advocates for their client.
The Prime Minister and his Deputy are zealous advocates of their coalition, as one would expect - both have huge amounts to lose should things go wrong.
Lawyers have an ethical obligation to their clients to be zealous advocates within the bounds of the law.
Undoubtedly, this carried with it a tendency to distort and exaggerate operative opinion, married to each's appreciation of its institutional functions and responsibilities: thus trades unions leaders tended to become more zealous advocates of reform than their membership.
Despite pecuniary stresses and frequent setbacks the goal of Federation seems to have transformed this sometimes lethargic man into one of its most zealous advocates.
In the end, taking advantage of the Internet should not be the article of faith that its most zealous advocates proclaimed, but neither is it a new stage in the history of computation as the automation of existing processes.
In The Practice of Justice, William Simon addresses a widely recognized dilemma--the moral degradation of the legal profession that seems to be the unpleasant by-product of an adversarial system of resolving disputes--with a bold claim: Lawyers involved in either the representation of private rights or the public interest should be zealous advocates of justice, rather than their clients' interests.
In efforts to transform students into analytical thinkers and zealous advocates, law school deans agree their curriculum is not always equipped to help students clear the final hurdle to becoming a lawyer.