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KARACHI -- Chief Secretary Sindh, Sajjad Saleem Hotiana has advised the public servants to serve the nation devotedly and zealously, with a view to ensure their due role in development and prosperity of the country.
If the courts carried out their jobs as zealously as they do against expatriates and others, the problem of travel bans would be solved.
The team has zealously worked not just to make banking available on a mobile device, but has delved a step beyond to identify different needs of individuals.
The baby can also be self-critical, and could zealously guard their privacy.
In other words, by undoing at least 25 years of anti-motorist measures that the very same council has so zealously implemented?
Is this not just a continuation of the war on the working class initiated by the Blair regime and zealously pursued by the present comedians?
However, it seems a heavy-handed approach and could easily become a jobsworths' charter if applied too zealously.
Hats off to protective father of the year for guarding their privacy so zealously.
The attorney handing the case wrote a letter to the city's Board of Supervisors that derided their stance as "ironic" since San Francisco "has historically embraced and zealously defended the concepts of freedom and individual rights, no matter how controversial" but refuses to show the same attitude toward the "fundamental civil rights to keep and bear arms.
Is this the same Tony Blair who led the country into the Iraq war, citing spurious intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction; embraced PFI more zealously than the Tories (that's probably how most of the 100 hospitals were financed, the consequences will be dire).
Slowing the production of clot-forming platelets may protect against heart attack and stroke without the risk of excessive bleeding posed by aspirin, scientists say in the June 23 Science Translational Medicine, Clots in arteries cause most strokes and heart attacks, but reducing clotting too zealously places a person at risk of bleeding to death.
Often regarded as "sacred", on-air graphic elements such as channel IDs and menus are always zealously guarded as they are deemed an integral part of a channel's brand identity.