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Maharashtra minister of state for home Ramesh Bagawe was seen zealously holding on to her grandson Rahul Gandhi's footwear when he visited Mumbai on Friday.
It has since come to our attention that this information was incorrect, that many of the Irish are as thin-skinned, po-faced and zealously politically correct as many English people, and, furthermore, that by suggesting Gaelic football and hurling might be in any way 'daft' we were guilty of a racist and a deeply offensive slur on a downtrodden nation.
The California-based company is traditionally secretive about projects under development; revealing them only at launch and guarding zealously against leaks.
Cosmo was a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather who was zealously devoted to his family.
He over zealously disputed a late penalty call with fourth official Tom Connolly and ref Dave McKeon banished him to the stands.
The city's acquisition of the Yankees suite has drawn scrutiny after e-mail messages revealed aides to Mayor Michael Bloomberg had zealously pursued the box, as well as free food and access to post-season games.
Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), a contractor and system architect for the US FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) programme, announced that its employees had zealously provided emergency support to the FAA throughout the hurricane season in the US this year.
He zealously represented his client despite incredible pressure from his command, and with the knowledge that it would likely cost him his military career," said A.
They added: "Sensible caution regarding the proximity of mobile phones to medical equipment is thus warranted, but concerns about patient safety alone do not justify zealously enforced no-phone areas, which can cause arguments between staff, patients and visitors.
That's also why the growers and producers so zealously wage a truth-in-labeling battle.
When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted and then struck out for North Carolina to find his mother's estranged family, prominent slaveholders as zealously committed to the institution as his own folks had been opposed.
With all the evil in the world, isn't it good to have this balanced out with those zealously striving for good?