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ZHR: zenithal hourly rate; expected maximum rate under observing conditions when stars of 6.
The lighting source, a 650 W halogen lamp, produced a non-collimated ray toward the target plane and was positioned 61 cm from the target at a zenithal angle of 20[degrees].
The margin of the secondary sensorium is double in the zenithal view, and it is separated from the pale dome-shaped central part in profile.
When stretched across a ceiling, Honeycomb enables hiding of unsightly ceilings while diffusing zenithal lighting.
There is always a frontal perspective with the Holy Family on the one side, the scene takes place at night or in half-light, the angels and the zenithal light are on the top part, Joseph is carrying a stick, the Virgin Mary is next to the ox and a there is a secluded area in ruins, there are around six or eight main characters and groups of angels often appear as ornaments.
et le ministre, Daniel Vaillant, ne tarissait pas d'eloges devant l'eclairage zenithal de l'interieur >> (Le Monde 2001).
Two indoor spaces were selected for the experimental procedure, featuring daylighting strategies such as a zenithal element, metallic blinds panels and a perforated wall.
If the tree analogy holds, this zenithal view is akin to exhilarating moments experienced deep inside some ancient forests.
Zenithal Bistable transmisive LM40424 is suitable for
This instrument is a multi-wavelength, automatic sun/sky radiometer that measures atmospheric spectral transmission and sky radiance in the almucantar (sky scanning at a constant zenithal angle) and principal plane (sky scanning at a constant azimuthal angle) using a combination of eight ion-assisted deposition interference filters: 1020, 870, 670, 500,440, 380, 340 for the aerosol channels and 940 nm for the water vapour of the total atmospheric column.
The rains of the subtropical zone are zenithal, while those of the extratropical temperate zone depend on wind circulation (cyclonic).