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But the rules do not allow of more than 120 gulden being staked upon zero at a time.
Does she again think that zero is going to be the winning coup?
Of course this was a rare occasion--an occasion on which zero had turned up no less than three times within a dozen rounds; yet in such an event there was nothing so very surprising, seeing that, only three days ago, I myself had been a witness to zero turning up THREE TIMES IN SUCCESSION, so that one of the players who was recording the coups on paper was moved to remark that for several days past zero had never turned up at all!
Napakarami pong na zero, ikinalulungkot kong ibalita na hindi lang si Grace Poe at saka si Senator Lacson ang na-zero ako din, ako din maraming zero,' Sotto added.
The Pi Zero W uses the small form factor of the Pi Zero, a shrunken version of the already small computers.
The purpose of this short article is to demonstrate a few pedagogy methods to show children the trouble that zero can cause.
It shows shifts to and from zero balances and positive balances in each year.
Fujitsu today announced two new Zero Client models: the Zero Client DZ22-2 and the Zero Client DZ19-2, providing more choices and flexibility that make it easier than ever for companies to integrate Zero Clients into their existing infrastructure.
Machine zero, the origin of the machine coordinate system, is the point in space occupied by the tip of the standard tool when the X, Y, and Z axes are at their machine zero position.
Biggest Rail Backside Tailslid: Tommy Sandoval, 13, Zero
Binns is talking about Zero 7's acclaimed third album, ``The Garden,'' recorded mainly in the Somerset countryside, in his home studio.
Currently, GST-registered persons who provide warranty parts or services on either tangible personal property or real property in Canada to non-resident, non-GST-registered persons are not required to invoice the GST and HST on such supplies pursuant to this zero rated provision.