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It would have been helpful to be able to see the splitting of the various instrumental groups, but this splendid acoustic separated them brilliantly in terms of sound and Nelsons conducted zestfully.
Greco's output from the late 1950s and early-60s is zestfully captured on Columbia's 16 Most Requested Songs.
By contrast, spend your prep time fantasising about how you will spend the night in the company of some of the most vibrant, fascinating people on the planet and the chances are you will experience the horror of an evening fighting off strangers as they zestfully attempt to get you to participate in a barn dance.
Schmidt zestfully declares that Rudy has promised "a concrete statistical emphasis on reducing abortions.
He zestfully demonstrates that long before any European explorers set foot in the New World, Native American cultures were flourishing with a high degree of sophistication.
But when top-selling pop/jazz vocalist Jarreau zestfully scatted away, he invoked memories of his initial renditions of the tune that propelled him to jazz stardom 25 years ago.
The only proper way to think of this obsessive display is as Clair's obsessive display, a parade of his desires, one of those rare moments when the creation of an exhibition is felt more zestfully than its components - truly a sum greater than.
Sergei Aleksashkin (Mendoza) and Larissa Diadkova (Duenna) handled the comic parts zestfully.
Heidi Klassen (Roselinda) was splendidly elegant and sometimes zestfully amusing with her lover Alfred (Benjamin Butterfield), whose warmly vibrant tenor and frisky style were fine.
Sterne developed, perhaps unconsciously [because of his precarious physical condition], a hedonism which led him to embrace life zestfully as it came, accepting as inevitable both its pleasures and pains" (Work xlv).
He zestfully serves it up, writing in a pungent, get-a-load-of-this style somewhere between Edna Buchanan and Jimmy Breslin, downloading example after delicious example with a wicked eye for the absurd.
Karen Jean White's choreography zestfully animates the "Waiters' Gallop" and the "Polka" that bracket the splashy "Hello, Dolly," Fiona Merullo's costuming is dazzling here with Welch's triumphant entrance in a glittering red dress.