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After incubation, zone of inhibition was measured using Hi-media scale.
Resistogram analysis of chromium concentrations against bacterial isolates Chromium metal concentrations Microbes 50 100 used (micro]g/mL) Zone of inhibition in mm (M [+ or -] SD) E.
For negative control the zone of inhibition were recorded against all the extraction solvents whereas the positive control was done by suing commercially available standard discs against respective strains i.
Antibacterial activity of synthesized compounds [zone of inhibition] Zone of inhibition (mm) Compounds Code Concentration S.
According to this study, the mean zone of inhibition of Candida albicans growth was 9.
There were intermediate zone of inhibition found on claforan, nalidixic acid, amoxycillin, fosfomycin, fortum, and erythromycin on Mueller Hinton's agar after 24 hours incubation.
In all types of extracts (ethanolic and aqueous), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) showed maximum diameter of zone of inhibition (15 mm) in comparison with rest of the studied medicinal plants.
There is no zone of inhibition for the ethanolic extract of A.
Characteristic zone of inhibition was observed which pointed towards the anti-microbial tendency.
These results contradict those from a study in Colombia that found that when the zone of inhibition of the ODD test was correlated to the pneumococcal resistance to ceftriaxone, all isolates showing some degree of resistance to ceftriaxone had a zone of inhibition of 6 mm (3).
The activity as zone of inhibition were measured after 18-36 hours and documented (Table 1 and Fig.