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The zone of inhibition (in mm diameter) were read and taken as the activity of the extract against test organisms.
This was shown by the overgrowth of the mould on fungicide impregnated disks with no zone of inhibition (plates e and f).
of the diameter of the zone of inhibition obtained by the disk diffusion method for MRSA and VRE isolates MIC ([micro]g/mL) Inhibition zone (mm) Organism MIC50 MIC90 Range Range Mean S.
The MIC on an agar gradient diffusion system is easily read at the point where the zone of inhibition intersects the test strip.
The plates were incubated at 37[degrees]C for 24 h and observed for clear zone of inhibition.
The treated fabrics showed the zone of inhibition ranging from 12 mm to 32 mm for gram negative bacteria, 21 mm to 31 mm for gram positive bacteria and 17 mm to 30 mm for fungal colonies.
The zone of inhibition associated with 100 [micro]L of thyme extract was compared with this standard curve to determine the relative effectiveness of thyme extract compared with known thymol doses (see Figure 7).
They observe the zone of inhibition surrounding each filter-paper disk.
The plates were incubated at 6[degrees]C for 2 h to allow pre diffusion of antibiotics and then at 37[degrees]C for 24 h after which the zone of inhibition around the antibiotic discs was measured.
Basic sets of antimicrobials for routine susceptibility tests and guidelines for groups of antimicrobials for common hospital pathogens along with zone of inhibition for sensitive/intermediate/resistant are summarized in table IIa.
Again, the size of the zone of inhibition was used to determine if the strain was resistant, intermediate, or susceptible using the zones of inhibition included with the antimicrobials.