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A draft MTA staff report challenges efforts to form transit zones in the San Fernando Valley and West San Gabriel Valley, claiming the agency needs those low-cost service areas to cover its high administrative costs.
The primary goal of the empowerment zone is to create jobs in Brooklyn by providing access to investment capital, training and other programs that attract new employers, and encourage existing companies and institutions to expand.
SACRAMENTO - Denied enterprise zone status just six weeks ago, Pacoima on Monday got back its tax breaks and other economic development incentives -- a Christmastime gift from Gov.
Section 101 of the act adds IRC section 1400M, which defines three areas and three zones.
Although many will benefit from the GO Zone Act, some industries are specifically excluded from its provisions (e.
You can also use two or three zone defenses vs odd-front zones (3-2, 1-2-2, etc.
Dead zones tend to develop in quiet, deep water a few kin offshore.
Like the earlier models, it uses hot-swappable modules that control two zones at a time.
In some configurations, it may be useful to create additional zones, specifically to share a common resource.
The empowerment zones have been touted by supporters as a solution to reviving inner-city decay by luring big business to deprived communities.
This allows them to work consistently with the same station personnel in their zones.