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He's out for six to eight weeks with a depressed zygomatic arch.
One such marker is the shape of the zygomatic arch, a narrow bone that runs horizontally on each side of the face from just below the eye to just above the ear.
2) include: total length of skull (TLS); length of nasals (LNA); length of zygomatic arch (LZA); length of braincase (LBC); length of maxillary diastema (LDI); anterior zygomatic breadth (AZB); middle zygomatic breadth (MZB); posterior zygomatic breadth (PZB); breadth across bullae (BAB); height of maxillary crest (HMC); and middle height of braincase (HMB).
US has been used to identify fractures of the facial bones, including the zygomatic arch, orbit, and frontal sinus.
He has a fracture on the Zygomatic Arch (cheek bone) and arrangements were being made for him to return to India.
Turk incurred $17,005 in medical bills after sustaining several broken bones on the left side of his face and a left zygomatic arch fracture.
Computed tomography (CT) detected fractures of his left orbital rim, orbital floor, zygomatic arch, maxilla, and mandible (figure 1, A) in addition to soft-tissue swelling (figure 1, C).