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Zygosity was determined through telephone interviews with the mothers of the assessed twins (20).
Furthermore, due to the overrepresentation of families with DZ twins, zygosity comparisons could not be completed.
In the present case, the fact that zygosity was not confirmed allowed the counsellors to adhere to both twins' rights to autonomy and individuality, as well as to the principle of non-maleficence, by causing the least harm to both.
Prenatal determination of chorionicity and zygosity.
identification, twin zygosity, and DNA profiling tests).
Lack of detailed information on the use of fertility drugs, zygosity, and chorionicity in this study limited the depth of the analysis.
Optimization of zygosity determination by questionnaire and DNA genotyping in Chinese adolescent twins.
9) regardless of zygosity were statistically significant, which suggests a contribution of shared familial influences.
The effects of assisted reproduction on the trends and zygosity of multiple in England and Wales 1974-99.
DNA tests by the center can be used to analyze siblingship, establish cousin or grandparent relationships and determine twin zygosity.
A likely explanation is that since most clinic labs have either no method or only unreliable methods of identifying sickle hemoglobin and none of the methods described here can determine zygosity, patients are less aware of the condition and probably die before seeking medical attention.
The zygosity of the participating pairs was determined by the genotyping of ten highly polymorphic genetic markers.