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Sex and Special Needs Status, by Zygosity MZ DZ Characteristics (n = 8) (n = 22) n = Twin Pairs Males 3 8 Female 5 4 Opposite Sex -- 10 Same SPNs 4 -- Different SPNs 1 6 Only 1 SPN Twin 3 16
Noninvasive prenatal determination of twin zygosity by maternal plasma DNA analysis.
Data collection on multiple births--establishing twin registers and determining zygosity.
Polymerase chain reaction errors can be introduced and propagated through unequal amplification of the library fragment template, which can lead to false positives or incorrect variant zygosity calling.
First, the analyses were carried out for all twin pairs and then for MZ and DZ pairs separately to test whether the trends were similar by zygosity.
Average distance of superimposed images of first mandibular molars by zygosity and tooth type.
For each zygosity group, each twin's level of self-reported health was cross-classified with the co-twin's level of self-reported health and summarized in a 5 x 5 contingency table.
Zygosity and Search for Hermes on the other hand, were highly experimental in form.
We have shown that the technology can also allow one to determine the zygosity of twin pregnancies.
We determined zygosity from responses to questions about physical similarity and the inability of others to tell them apart, supplemented by blood group information and, for those DZ pairs participating in linkage projects (Beekman et al.
But the twins' zygosity did not affect whether children received medication or how they responded, the researchers said.
Examining the incidence of AN as it related to zygosity, the researchers found a much higher concordance rate for AN among monozygotic twins than among dizygotic twins--signaling a clear genetic component, Dr.