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JA Izumo, an agricultural cooperative in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, has changed two of the nine co-op outlets it runs directly into so-called 100-yen shops where a wide range of merchandise is sold for a uniform price of 100 yen, one of its officials said Thursday.
In contrast, 1998 may be remembered by Japanese consumers as the year of 100-yen draft beer, 70 yen-a-liter gasoline, 100-yen shops across the nation, and 65-yen hamburger campaigns by McDonald's.
A franchise of the popular 100-yen shops in Japan, most of the products only have Japanese instructions and labelling, which all adds to the fun.
With Natural Lawson and the 100-yen shops, Lawson hopes to tackle its slowing sales and growth in the number of stores.
Lawson to open 100-yen shops, have 1,000 outlets in 3 years