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TWELVE TABLES. The name given to a code of Roman laws, commonly called the Law of the Twelve Tables. (q.v.)

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With 12 tables in use, as well as the 'robot', which can fire the ball at you, at varying speeds and angles, the most recent session was a hive of activity.
The figure often pops up in European cultures - there were 12 symbols of the zodiac, 12 Apostles, 12 Olympian gods and 12 Tables of Roman Law.
ISBN: 1-56990-352-2 269 Pages, 31 Figures 12 Tables.
Create a "calendar" out of 12 tables and sit by birth month or by Zodiac signs.
One of Roots' owners, Katherine Brown, said: "We've already got a cafe which is very popular but we only have 12 tables and there are often queues at busy times of the day.
Lot 4 7 lounge workstations in single / double / corner sofa, 10 benches / seating units, 12 tables, and 2 closets.
The company will set up the VIP room with up to 12 tables which will be operational when the resort opens in the second quarter of 2011.