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TWELVE TABLES. The name given to a code of Roman laws, commonly called the Law of the Twelve Tables. (q.v.)

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Completed in 449BC, the 12 Tables were an ancient version of a Bill of Rights, inscribed on 12 bronze tablets and displayed in the Forum Romanum for all to see.
We've opened a successful 20-plus table room in Montreal, a beautiful 12 table room in Michigan, a high-end 12-table room in Atlantic City and now 12 tables in the gaming hub of the world, Las Vegas.
The North American market is annotated with 12 tables (exclusive of accompanying charts and graphs) to provide the reader an in-depth statistical insight into the market.
patient room tables and 80 chairs,40 pcs shower stool,18 pcs desk chairs,48 pcs chairs and 12 tables.
The enabling MNT industry review on Back-End manufacturing equipment suppliers for MST/MEMS has more than 100 pages, which include 12 tables, 13 figures, and 64 company profiles.
The 12 tables, which incorporate 2,200 pounds of bronze and 800 pounds of structural steel, were cast at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley.