12 year old fighting

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My 12 year old son got into a minor fight with another boy which resulted in the boys parents coming to my house and calling the police. I decided to go on down to the PD to talk to them about these problems instead of waiting for the police to get there. This boys parents tried to stop me from backing out of my driveway in which I backed out anyway. The mother came to my car window and was beating on it and the father proceeded to kick my car doing damage. The police told me the people were going to press battery charges against me and my son-- me for supposing hitting them while backing out(a flat out lie) and my son for getting into a fight with their son. I showed the officer the footprint and damage to my car and he told the other people that if they pressed battery, i would file a complaint for damage to my car. When they heard that, they backed out of filing anything. We both had to sign a paper stating we would not go back and try to file again. I am totally pissed that these people got off so easy and now the side of my car is damaged. My question is-- The car is still totally in my ex husbands name, never transferred over to me and he also pays the insurance. So since I can't go back and file anything, can my ex do anything about getting damages to get the car fixed?


Yes he can file charges and/or sue in small claims etc.
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