18 year old without license wrecked car, liability

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Country: United States of America
State: Arizona

I am asking on behalf of my friend. My friend is 18 years old, without a license or driver's permit. Her friend's mother asked her to take her car to the store. She did and in the process she drove into a wall leading to a man's backyard. No one was physically injured, but the wall and the car are wrecked. The owner is asking for money to replace the car and the wall's owner is asking for money to replace the wall. My question is, is my friend liable to pay for these damages or is the responsibility to pay these damages on the owner of the car? If it is the owner of the car, what law states this because my friend doesn't have money for a good attorney so pointing us in the right direction would be helpful.


Normally the driver is responsible but the owner of the car's insurance will also cover it...tell the insurer to handle it...
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