18 yr. Old brother accused of child molestation

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Country: Philippines
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I am 28 years old. I have something to consult to you this is not about me but about my brother. I will tell you the whole story. My brother is 18 years old male and never been accused nor have any police report....we have neighbor who is really mad with us and as far as we know they just retaliate because we sue his son for robbery. Now my brother was accused of child molestation a 10 year old and a 11 year old boy they said inside our house. My fear is that will the court turn their face to a child since they are the one complaining and they have a saying that child cant tell lies? But these children are proven liars in our community they also have police and barrage criminal reports and our neighbors reported them for various types of criminal acts. After we receive that news we file a complaint for libel because we know our brother he is good and we are together in 1 house only, almost everyday we are gathering in our house. If we will pursue our r complain is there any possibility that we will win the case? I am afraid the court might go with the child and turn their face to them? Here is the complete statement of those children "we were molested inside their house he ask us to remove our pants for him to suck our dick and he gave us money after" We know that they are lying because they cant go inside our house they are afraid of us because almost every month we caught them stealing on our backyard. Please help me to release me from worrying.


Proof of the past problems you had including the stealing etc. would do a great deal to discredit the kids.and may even end the matter.
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