19 year old daughter in jail for bringing marijuana into the jail

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Country: United States of America
State: Florida

My 19yo daughter has been locked up for 52days with no legal rep she and a co-def were charged together. My daughter was charged with bring pot into the co jail here. she admitted from day one she was guilty and ever hearing has been postponed and this last hearing she was to be sentenced when her public defender said his office had a conflict of interest because of the co-defter knew from day one according to the information sheet there was a co-def and both should not have been assigned PD and they elected to represent the other def who has fled and can't be found! My question is follow how can someone like my daughter sit in jail for 52+plus days without legal reps and is there case law that will help us get her out she does have a bond but we are unable to pay it? Next question is they are going to assign her a privet lawyer after the PD office submits a conflict of interest letter want this again push back her sentence date again. Time she gets sentence she will have served 75+days that's just be probation but due to the co-def fleeing the proctor is asking for a low prison sentence what can I do about this injustice thank you for you time.


You could get new counsel and ask for a motion to release her immediately...the court may do so.
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