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Students in the Didactic Group viewed randomly selected 2-dimensional images for 3 sessions of 15 minutes each to also practice identification and documentation of dental conditions.
Then, due to the volume conservation, the thickness of the patch is inversely proportional to the surface area of its edge in 3-dimensional geometry, and to the side length in the case of 2-dimensional geometry.
Techniques available to create 3D CAD models include laser scanning of objects and software reconstruction of 3D CADs from 2-dimensional digital photographs or computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging images.
The diameter values for theses 2-dimensional points are 4 for each dimension.
However, the 2-dimensional task scheduling algorithm is not limited to a maximum number of task priorities, and memory requirement can be dramatically reduced.
I had been in San Francisco for some time when I got the disappointing news that my 2-dimensional gel paper had been rejected.
He takes a quantum groups approach (rather than Chern-Simons field theory or 2-dimensional conformal field theory) in order to derive invariants of knots and 3-manifolds from algebraic objects which formalize the properties of modules over quantum groups at roots of unity.
3-D movies have higher data rate requirements than 2-dimensional movies since at least two images are needed for the spatial representation.
The patterns are 2-dimensional, of course, and the results of the 1-dimensional analysis led to the question: is the 2-dimensional arrangement of the gilgais regular?
The combination of the signals received at the individual antennas will enable detailed 2-dimensional images to be formed.
The coding of brightness in such a model is represented by a 2-dimensional 'vector of excitation'.
Emeryville, CA) has developed a novel analytical 2-dimensional liquid chromatography mass spectrometry-based (LC/LC-MS/MS) multiplexing platform that allows for the rapid, specific, sensitive automated quantification of the active pharmaceutical compounds of MF101, the company's most advanced drug candidate.