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Then, due to the volume conservation, the thickness of the patch is inversely proportional to the surface area of its edge in 3-dimensional geometry, and to the side length in the case of 2-dimensional geometry.
As a leader in the domestic 2-dimensional bar code scanner industry, Newland not only owns independent 2-dimensional bar code decoding chip technology, but also gets involved in 2-dimensional bar code software, such as tax security and 2-dimensional bar code O2O marketing services.
I had been in San Francisco for some time when I got the disappointing news that my 2-dimensional gel paper had been rejected.
The authors of this letter claim that in our study we have not included 2-dimensional (D) electrophoresis and other proteomic research procedures.
Measuring properties of the soil, such as its EC, at enough sites for a 2-dimensional spectral analysis was prohibitively expensive.
biomarkers and will apply its 2-dimensional gel western blotting technology to
This suite includes Linear Bar Codes, 2-dimensional Symbols, Optical Memory Cards, Satellite-Tracking Systems, Contact Memory Buttons, and RFID tags.
The pair had created an algorithm to generate 2-dimensional computer visualizations of the surface, but Osinga found the flat images unsatisfying.
As we see in our case in some patients the additional to angiography or echocardiography, which produce 2-dimensional images, technical approaches may be necessary to provide correct diagnosis preoperatively.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 6, 2006 - (JCN) - Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) today launched thermal electricity equipment utilizing thermal probes and new 2-dimensional thermal conductivity technology.
Different combinations of these parameters lead to the different outcomes described above, and all possible scenarios can be placed within a 2-dimensional continuum (Figure 2), with [f.
Based on the radiographic data, patients in the moderate and severe fracture groups had significantly reduced 2-dimensional trabecular bone volumes (0.