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In this section, we would apply the master function formalism of the previous section for two examples and show how these results allow us to obtain 2-dimensional superintegrable systems with higher order integrals.
From the above we can see, the parallel computing time of Cannon algorithm is [mathematical expression not reproducible] in the 2-dimensional grid, where p is the dimension of 2-dimensional grid, [t.sub.s] is the startup time, and [t.sub.w] is the text-transmission time.
Figure 15 shows the result of projecting the teaching data and a part of the candidate region to 2-dimensional plane.
of 2-dimensional subspace (36) as the set of 3-dimensional vectors that do not change under the influence of the matrix [D.sub.!].
In this paper, we derive a rigorous quasi-geostrophic equation from the stratified flow of rotational compressible magnetohydrodynamic flows ((1)-(3)) on the 2-dimensional whole space with the well-prepared initial data.
The aim of this study was to investigate the use of customized simulated mouth models improved identification and recording of dental restorations in first-year dental hygiene students when compared to the use of traditional didactic instruction and 2-dimensional images.
Select 8 key points from each eyebrow; their 2-dimensional coordinates ([x.sub.1,k],[y.sub.1,k]), k = 1,...,16, work together to form a 32-dimensional feature vector [[??].sup.1] = ([x.sub.1,1],[y.sub.1,1],[x.sub.1,2],[y.sub.1,2],...,[x.sub.1,16],[y.sub.1,16]).
This 2-dimensional surface starts evolving according to the equations (1); we can consider it as a tracer in the flow field given by Eqs (1).
Briefly, the ink-jet printing technique uses a manufacturing method similar to 2-dimensional inkjet printers whereby it deposits liquid plastic resins in striated lines to create a single layer of 16 im or more.
Brightness mode 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D) ultrasonography were performed to identify the origin of the mass with midline approach.
Figure 1 show an example of embedding algorithm to embed a set of 2-dimensional points.
In a nutshell, stereolithography makes use of lasers beaming down a surface of liquid resin, hardening a 2-dimensional area upon contact based on object design input to the machine.