cooling-off period

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Cooling-Off Period

An interval of time during which no action of a specific type can be taken by either side in a dispute. An automatic delay in certain jurisdictions, apart from ordinary court delays, between the time when Divorce papers are filed and the divorce hearing takes place. An amount of time within which a buyer is permitted to cancel a contract for the purchase of consumer goods—designed to effect Consumer Protection. A number of states require that a three-day cancellation period must be allowed purchasers following door-to-door sales.

A cooling-off period is frequently used in labor disputes. There might, for example, be a period of one month following the filing of a grievance by a union or company against the other, during which neither the union nor the company is allowed to take retaliatory actions against each other.

cooling-off period

a time during which a person can withdraw from a binding contract without any serious penalty. A cooling-off period is not normally available. Such provisions can be found in relation to CANCELLATION of consumer credit contracts, TIMESHARE contracts and DISTANCE SELLING contracts among others.
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These courts have held that when Congress establishes fixed time periods, such as the 90-day preference period and the 10-and 20-day periods for sending a reclamation demand, a court cannot then extend them.
The Ninth Circuit's decision in In re Greene closes a loophole that bankruptcy trustees and debtors in possession have uncovered, and some courts have accepted, to expand the 90day preference period and the 10-or 20-day periods for sending a reclamation demand by up to a few extra days when the last day of the period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday.
There is also a 10-or 20-day period for trade creditors to send a written demand for reclamation of their goods delivered to the debtor shortly before the debtor's bankruptcy filing.