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Regardless, Hezbollah's credibility as an anti-Israel force has been diminished since the 2006 Lebanon War.
During the 2006 Lebanon War, Mughniyeh ordered battlefield tactics that surprised Israeli troops with their ferocity and effectiveness, utilizing the underground trenches built with the help of the Qods Force after the IDF withdrawal in 2000.
Hermoine Macura travelled across the Arab region for seven years to capture the multitude of faces that make up the Middle East, which ranges from showing the hardship of children in occupied Jerusalem who have to work to sustain their family, as well as war victims who became disfigured in the 2006 Lebanon War.
Its development was stepped up after the 2006 Lebanon war.
Bishara is a former Knesset member whom Israeli security had accused him of assisting Hezbollah during the 2006 Lebanon war.
The Saudis fear Iran's greater size and see Iranian influence in post-Saddam Iraq, Iran's nuclear aspirations, and its triumph in the battle for Arab public opinion during the 2006 Lebanon war as shifting the balance of power against them.
The 2006 Lebanon War photographs created such controversies.
The summer 2006 Lebanon war erupted after economic sanctions were imposed on Tehran, and there is nothing preventing such a scenario from being repeated, a scenario which produced a "victory" Iran and its allies still boast of.
He and his colleagues point to the 2006 Lebanon war as a case in point.
Abrahams said that Israel's past use of the munitions in the 2006 Lebanon war and repeated warnings of the proximity of their shelling to populations meant they knew the danger they were subjecting Palestinians to.
Since the end of the 2006 Lebanon War, the expectation of a future 'big operation in Gaza' that would restore the muddied honour of the Israeli army has been periodically floated in the media, and normalised in Israelis' consciousness.
After the 2006 Lebanon war, Israel was itching to take on Hizbollah again, but did not yet have a military option against it.