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The right or procedure by which a public official may be removed from a position by a vote of the people prior to the end of the term of office.

Recall is the retiring of an elected officer by a vote of the electorate. Some state constitutions prescribe the procedure that must be followed in a recall—for example, requiring the filing of a petition containing the signatures of a specific number of qualified voters.

TO RECALL, international law. To deprive a minister of his functions; to supersede him.

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The primary 24-hr dietary recall interview was administered in person at the MEC by dietary interviewers.
Dietary intake in this study was estimated by a single 24-hr dietary recall that estimated the food consumed the day before urine was collected, and chemical levels were measured on only one occasion.
Thus, in the current study, gold standard measures (e.g., three 24-hr dietary recalls for dietary intake and nutrients, accelerometry to measure physical activity and sedentary behavior, and anthropometry for measuring BMI) and other standardized measures (e.g., survey items on depressive symptoms) were utilized to assess the HP 2020 objectives.