28% disabled at work accident

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Country: United States of America
State: Missouri

My husband was injured over a year and a half ago, and he has since been released to go to work. He is 28% disabled, and has restrictions that won't allow him to return to his original career (Mechanic). He has no other skills. Doesn't/Shouldn't the insurance company for the company that he worked for compinsate him for the lost wages that he will miss out on in the future? I figure it to be about $225,000 for 20 years?? Also, what about pain medications?? Will they have to continue to pay for those?? We were told by our lawyer that the most we could expect to get would be $36,000. I don't feel that that is enough. Am I right in thinking we should get more?


Yes you very well should be able to collect more; you may want to get a second or third opinion from other counsel--
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