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SECOND. A measure equal to one sixtieth part of a minute. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Extension to Quirino Highway (2nd lane from the sidewalk)
100 m dash: Aubrey Beyers, 2nd place 13.34; Kaylee Holland, 4th place 14.01
In case of data normal, the difference between the spike reach of the match of the volleyball team 1st and 2nd place versus 3rd to last place was analyzed using independent t test.
GDP for the 2nd quarter 2018 at constant prices was USD 2,560.9 million for the West Bank and USD 790.4 million for Gaza Strip.
Under 17 Ladies: Jessica Beaumont 4th in 800m in 2-58.86 and ran the 4x300m relay team who finished 2nd.
In a statement claim filed on his behalf by Paintsil, Paintsil and Co, an Accra based legal firm, plaintiff averred that on 26th June, 2015, the 2nd Defendant organised a public ceremony at its Great Hall to mark or witness the signing ceremony of what was then touted as a landmark agreement ('the Concession Agreement') between the 2nd and 3rd Defendants under which the 3rd Defendant was to construct for the 2nd Defendant certain academic facilities at its Legon campus.
Beginners & novice Fling 11 years: 1st Lola White; 2nd Abbie Jackson.
Also, in paragraph 26 of the Affidavit, the claimant stated that 'the 1st Defendant who was a public officer/servant as a Federal Minister of the Federal Government of Nigeria did not resign from his position as a serving Minister of the Federal Government of Nigeria thirty (30) days to the said 5th May, 2018, when the 2nd Defendant's primary election for the nomination of candidate for the 14th July 2018, Ekiti State Governorship Election was originally fixed and later the 12th May, 2018 when the said primary election was eventually held, yet the 1st Defendant was purportedly declared and returned as the 2nd Defendant's candidate for the said 14th July 2018 Ekiti State Governorship election.'
Wed, Jun 20 - 1st & 2nd qual rd draw (main path), Nyon.
11 HOLE STABLEFORD, MARCH 11, DIVISION 1: 1st Carol Davies Lady Captain 17Pts, 2nd Shirley Brown 17Pts.
Other performers in the net section of handicap category zero to nine were Ahmed Jibran of Gymkhana (2nd net) with two rounds scores of 71 and 68 and a total net score of 139,five under par.
Male Poomsae (under-20): Waseem Javed (Army) 1st 15 points; Hashim Nayab (WAPDA) 2nd 10 points; Ahmed Raza (Railway) 3rd 6points;