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adjective big, chief, comprehensive, considerable, crucial, decisive, distinguished, enormous, essential, extensive, extraordinary, far-reaching, fateful, goodly, grave, great, high-level, important, impressive, intense, key, large, leading, massive, matchless, material, memorable, meritorious, moderately large, momentous, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, ponderous, pressing, prime, principal, remarkable, serious, significant, sizable, sober, solemn, substantial, supreme, top, top-level, tremendous, unparalleled, vital, weighty, worthy of consideration, worthy of remark
See also: cardinal, central, critical, crucial, essential, important, indispensable, key, material, momentous, outstanding

MAJOR, persons. One who has attained his full age, and has acquired all his civil rights; one who is no longer a minor; an adult.

MAJOR. Military language. The lowest of the staff officers; a degree higher than captain.

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The mud and hay bales started creating some spread in the race field as the runners entered the 2nd major loop towards the turn 1-2 mud pits.
Ayatollah Khamen'i, in his 2nd major address in a week, lashes out on Apr.
This month's list of rising stars reflects the depth of the young talent pool playing in San Francisco and why the 49ers are in prime position to capture the city by the bay's 2nd major title this year," said Ryan Steelberg, CEO of Brand Affinity Technologies.