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"With 360 degrees, producers will have options for the management of climate, health, financial and market risks, as well as betting on financial inclusion in the field, promotion of savings and the use of capital market instruments.
Much of this amateur 360[degrees] content is blurry; some of it captures 360 degrees horizontally but not vertically; and most of it is mundane.
Participants now get a chance to win an LG G5 by capturing their perspective of life in a 360 degree frame through any 360 degree camera.
also unveiled its Gear 360, a new 360 degree camera which will partner with the
Critique: An extraordinarily well written and presented do-it-yourself manual for improving the quality of life through success by achieving whatever goals are set, "360 Degrees of Success: Money, Relationships, Energy, Time: The 4 Essential Ingredients to Create Personal and Professional Success in Your Life" is especially recommended to the attention of professionals having to cope with the competitive world of commerce; students attaining degrees and seeking appropriate employment; small business entrepreneurs; homemakers seeking to cope with domestic issues, and anyone having to deal with the stresses of ordinary life in today's complex and ever evolving world.
He made the announcement on Instagram and Twitter for, where viewers will be able toexplorethe 360 degree panoramic timelapse videos of Dubai's cultural and modern attractions.
360 Middle East & Africa, a Dubai-based company, has launched a new video and photography innovation for capturing 360 degrees videos and high quality photography for real estate properties, events, and weddings to emerge into reality.
Anatomy 360 Degrees: The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Human Body provides an oversized, full-color 3-D reference for the human body and provides the latest technology on anatomical details, with cross-sections and full rotations showing a 360 degree view of the human body.
Melbourne, Aug 22 (ANI): Irish rock band U2 will perform in Melbourne in December as part of their 360 Degrees tour.
Strictly speaking, a "non-manager" 360 assessment is not measuring feedback from 360 degrees since there are no direct reports, but the same principles still apply.
360 Degrees of Financial Literacy won a 2005 Platinum Award from the League of American Communications Professionals and was included on the organization's list of Top 50 Communications Materials for 2005.