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14] What does a 4-dimensional sphere look like, www.
In a 4-dimensional generalized Ricci recurrent Riemannian manifold with generalized recurrent energy momentum tensor which is without cosmological constant, an Einstein tensor is generalized Ricci-recurrent if and only if the manifold is semi-Einstein.
CMCS' inclusion of the Hard Dollar project cost management and Synchro 4-dimensional construction simulation software solutions to its product portfolio last year further increased demand for its services.
With the advent of photographs taken through endoscopes and pioneered by the Swedish photographer Lennert Nilsson, in the 1960s, and also the recent development of 3- and 4-dimensional ultrasonography, evidence of the beauty and humanity of the unborn has become more available to the general public.
This extends the 3-dimensional HOT-PAD and the 4-dimensional SALT-MINE dice described in "Magic Word Dice", May, 2007 to a fifth dimension (see also J.
Pro-abortion orthodoxies ring hollow in an era of full color, 4-Dimensional ultrasounds, a growing pro-life feminist contingent, and a mounting resistance to cavalierly taking unborn life which is taking shape in such bastions of unbridled abortion as Great Britain and Australia.
The Sudbury Deep Drilling Project, billed to be the largest earth science project in Canada, will gather information to be analyzed by Laurentian University's Virtual Reality Laboratory and formed into a 4-dimensional model of Sudbury's geological evolution.
Since Einstein's work in the last century, the concept of 4-dimensional space-time has gained wide acceptance.
In a similar way, the presence of 9th, 10th, and 11th dimensional vacuum energies in living organisms increases the roundness of 4-dimensional space-time around it.
Flint Ink's GlobalInk 4-Dimensional Color Technology allows color measurement transmission over the Internet, and Arrowjet Permanent Black Ink Jet Technology is made with pigments instead of dyes.