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For comparison, a low-income group was also identified to include adults age 25-64 with household income below the 20th percentile (but no education restrictions) and a high-income group of the same age with household income at or above the 50th percentile (but no education restrictions), both adjusted for household size.
9) I jointly measure this internal distribution by three characteristics: median (50th percentile) population density, the increase from the log of 50th percentile density to the log of 95th percentile density, and the increase from the log of 95th percentile density to the log of 99th percentile density.
According to the company, the net effect of these changes is a reduction of each element of director cash compensation to the 50th percentile, and a reduction of the equity compensation from USD220,000 to USD160,000 per year, which is in-line with the median of its peer group.
The proxy advisory firm says that under the current plan, executives are eligible for rewards even if the company's performance is below the 50th percentile of its designated peer group.
Nurse staffing at MMH performed mostly below the NDNQI 50th percentile for RN hours per patient day (RNHPPD) as noted in Figure 1.
The 50th percentile of Heights of Adolescent girls of present study was greater than ICMR study in urban areas at all ages; however maximum difference of 5.
Districts classified as "above average" rank at or above the 50th percentile of all school districts in the survey sample; "below average" districts rank below the 50th percentile.
These cases could be seen as what are traditionally known as a 5th percentile female, 50th percentile male and a 95th percentile male based on the BMI of each of these cases.
Percentile values of internipple measurements Internipple distance (cm) 3rd percentile 50th percentile 97th percentile Males 7.
The 50th percentile is the value that is the midpoint of the range of values reported for that variable (also referred to as the median).
The first group includes BHCs in the top first percentile in terms of asset size, the second group contains banks with assets between the second and 50th percentiles, and the third group is the bottom 50th percentile.
Cody plotted at the 50th percentile for weight and age, at the 50th percentile for length and age, and has a BMI of 15.